Inner City Helping Homeless value our volunteers for many reasons. Here are some below:

We rely solely on our volunteers in order to carry out our service to the Homeless Community across Dublin.

Volunteers offer new and valuable insights into our growing organisation, helping us as we go forward together.

They carry the growing image of our organisation to wider communities through online outlets and also by way of positive public interaction be it while volunteering or during personal time.

Volunteers bring different cultural and experiential backgrounds to our organisation helping to create a greater diverse atmosphere.

In keeping with our aim ‘To treat each client with dignity & respect’, we also want to do so with all of our volunteers. We strive to ensure we can provide a beneficial experience from being involved in our charitable organisation.

To get involved contact with your C.V which will help us fit you in to a suitable role within our organisation. We like to ultilise our volunteers strong points to make them feel more at home in their role within the charity. If there are currently no roles available we will keep your details on file letting you know when a relevant vacancy opens up.

Here are some of the roles currently available:

  • Outreach
  • Outreach Drivers
  • Fundraisers
  • Receptionists

Don’t worry if your past work-experience isn’t tailored to the roles currently available. We will keep your details on file and let you know if a suitable role comes up in the future.

Please email: for more information